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offer a competitive price no matter the shape or size of the cargo. We are always providing a better solution forcustomers. 


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We have been focusing on Euro, Asia, and America trading for long time.  We can offer very good rates and a hassle free experience on FBA shipment and Railway transportation.



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FCL Service:

Shenzhen Yuchen Supply Chain Management CO.,LTD have built up a strong relationship with shipping lines . we can definitely provide good price and quality service. We have special advantage in East-South Asia, Euro, America,The Mediterranean Sea, Japan, South Korea,Middle east, and The Red Sea routes.We work closely with WHL, MSK, CMA, OOCL,EMC, APL, PIL, YML, KANWAY, CULINE,COSCO, KLINE, TSL, KMTC etc.


LCL Service:

Relyingon over 500 high grade agencies around the world, LCLdirect service includesroutes from our company to over 100 ports in the world.Meanwhile, a series ofservices of customs and inspection declaration,warehousing, cargodistribution, devanning, customs clearance and logisticsmanagement areprovided

Air freight :

Shenzhen Yuchen Supply Chain Management CO.,LTD can provide door delivery service for cities like Hongkong,Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, etc. We can delivery cargo to its loading port punctually and timely. We also provide booking, customs clearanceservice. etc. We have close cooperation with different airlines and providing customers with a favorable rate and plenty of airlines space.

Inland Haulage and warehousing :

Shenzhen Yuchen Supply Chain Management CO.,LTD have cooperation with inland haulage transportation in various coastal cities . We can provide you the warehousing service in main ports iof China. No matter wherever your cargo from/to, we can always guarantee fast,safe, and correct data on warehousing service and providing packing, labeling ,loading/offloading. 24 hours warehouse keeper,omni-directional monitoring. Youcan trace every detail of your cargo.

International courier :

Shenzhen Yuchen Supply Chain Management CO.,LTD has now a developed international courier product specializing in both hazardous and non-hazardous consignments as well as sending normal courier documents

We can offer Courier Service by DHL,FEDEX,UPS,EMS,TNT  to Door Service

Asia to Euro railway LCL :

Shenzhen Yuchen Supply Chain Management CO.,LTD has established avery favorable cooperation relationshipwith railway transport departments aswell as all the railway stations, and is a first-grade agency of railwaytransport departments. We have offices and personnel in stations in Shanghai,Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Tianjin,with service network covering most ofother provinces in China. We have developed in this field for many years, we have very professional agencies over Euro area. We are aiming to provide high-quality international railway combined with transportation service from China and Central Asia Areas to Euro.


As Shenzhen is the main port for export, it is also the main city for E-business. We can provide cargo shipping from China to Amazon’s warehouses. We also work close with UPS, FedEx express couriers and other shipping lines, airlines, and have strong ties with U.S network agencies.Nomatter what kind of service you require, we always can provide you assistance from a professsional way. Since we offer the warehousing service in U.S warehouse,such like offloading/Loading,labeling, Packing/repacking, pallets, storage,delivery, etc. We can also provide you the return service , if you ever need to return the cargo.


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